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Brenner Reiki Healing





Welcome to Brenner Reiki Healing.

Located in the Greater Boston Area, Newton, Massachusetts.

Thank you for visiting and exploring the gentle transformative practice of Reiki and the services offered by Elise Brenner of Brenner Reiki Healing.

Relaxation through reiki puts the body in the best condition to do what it is designed to do -- heal itself.  Whether you are exploring reiki for relief from troubling physical conditions or seeking a happier, more vitalized self, Brenner Reiki Healing offers a comforting and reassuring setting in which to discover reiki's health-promoting benefitsBrenner Reiki Healing offers private Reiki treatments; a monthly low-cost Reiki Clinic; and Reiki training, all in a safe and professional environment to assist in guiding you to heal yourself and others through Reiki.  I invite you to explore and discover this gentle, transformative practice and how it may benefit you. 


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For Nurses and Massage Therapists: 


Brenner Reiki Healing is an approved CE provider for Massachusetts RNs and for Licensed Massage Therapists. Reiki Training classes meet the requirements of the Board of Registration in Nursing at CMR 244 5.00 for 8 contact hours in nursing continuing education.  Elise Brenner of Brenner Reiki Healing is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Body Work (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider.

How do I schedule a Reiki Session or register for a Reiki Training Class? 

Please call or email Elise 617-244-8856, eliseb@rcn.com to schedule your Reiki session or to register for your Reiki Training, or to talk about what brings you to explore Reiki and how we can work together moving forward.  We choose not to utilize scheduling software because we appreciate the personal connection with prospective clients and students.  Thank you for understanding.


If you are already a Reiki practitioner, please continue to browse the website for information about Reiki Continuing Education/Mentoring Workshops, Reiki Shares, volunteering at Brenner Reiki Healing's monthly Reiki Clinic, and the Celebration of Reiki Conference. 


Elise Brenner of Brenner Reiki Healing helps the community in a collaborative partnership with Judy Bousquin of Healing & Renewal to provide professional and credible Reiki services to educate community groups and organizations about the benefits of Reiki practice for self-care and wellness.  As Reiki has moved steadily into mainstream health and wellness care as a complementary healing practice, our unique collaboration brings this practical resource to your group or organization.  Brenner Reiki Healing, collaborating with Healing & Renewal, has initiated Reiki Fundraisers for community programs, including Rosie's Place, the Alzheimer's Association, and Compassionate Care ALS.  For more information about Brenner Reiki Healing and Healing and Renewal's services please click on Community Outreach in the menu above.


If your organization or group is seeking a presentation about the system and practice of Reiki, please contact Elise Brenner of Brenner Reiki Healing at 617-244-8856 or eliseb@rcn.com



NEXT REIKI CLINIC: Friday evening, April 10th, 2015, 7-9pm.  Please note that this is the 2nd Friday of the month, due to the Passover holiday. 

The Reiki Clinic is usually the first Friday evening of each month, 7-9pm, with time slots as follows: 7 - 7:30pm, 7:35 - 8:05pm, 8:10 - 8:40pm.

NEXT LEVEL 1 REIKI (SHODEN) TRAINING:   Sunday, April 12, 2015 9am-6:30pm.   Looking ahead: May 17, 2015

NEXT LEVEL 2 REIKI (OKUDEN)TRAINING:   Sunday, March 29, 2015 9am-6:30pm.  Looking ahead ReikiLevel 2 (Okuden): Sun. May 31.

CHILDREN'S and TEEN REIKI CLASS:  We will schedule the next Children's Reiki Class and Teen Reiki Class in accord with your family's schedule.  Children's Reiki Classes and Teen Reiki Classes are held on Saturdays or Sundays from 10am - 2pm.  Please contact us to schedule.  You can reach Elise at eliseb@rcn.com or 617-244-8856.


REIKI LEVEL 3 (Shinpiden)TRAINING PROGRAM: Individualized, apprenticeship program for Practitioners and Teachers.  Please contact Elise at eliseb@rcn.com or 617-244-8856.

NEXT PRACTITIONER REIKI SHARE: Saturday April 18th. 4:30 - 7:00 pm.   All Reiki students and practitioners welcome, all levels, all traditions, all lineages. Please let Elise know if you can join this warm, caring group of Reiki students and practitioners. A goodwill contribution of $10 is appreciated, as are food offerings for the group to enjoy together.  We begin the evening with a short Reiki-related discussion, followed by meditation.  The evening continues with the sharing of Reiki, and ends with refreshments and informal time to connect with one another.


Wednesday, March 25, 6:30 - 8:30 pm.  Deepening Our Practice Workshop:  Connecting with the 3 Diamonds of Ki.  The final workshop in this series allows participants to explore, discover, and practice essential Reiki meditations and exercises for "polishing" the 3 Diamonds of Ki: Earth Ki, Heaven Ki, and Heart Ki. This workshop is experiential in its approach. Appropriate for all levels and lineages of Reiki practitioners.   $20 for this experiential workshop.  Contact  Elise to RSVP and for more information: 617-244-8856 or eliseb@rcn.com

I endeavor to assist Reiki practitioners in opening the door a little wider on the system of reiki and the practice of Reiki.  These workshops are an opportunity for Reiki practitioners to explore Reiki more deeply in a small group setting. 

Perhaps you are a Reiki Practitioner, feeling that the time is right to consider developing or expanding a professional Reiki practice.

Coming in May...

Reiki Business Development Workshop Series, May-September 2015

Please click on the Mentoring/Continuing Education tab in the menu above for lots more information about the Mentoring/Continuing Education Workshops.  Contact Elise Brenner to learn more about Reiki Mentoring/Continuing Education.






All trainings, events, and the clinic are held at 324 Central Street, Newton, MA 02466.For more information, to RSVP, and directions:  617-244-8856 or eliseb@rcn.com Payment may be made by check, cash, Paypal, or credit card.  Thank you.

Reiki Trainings and Mentoring Workshops

I am happy to be a trusted professional, registered with Thumbtack.  Thumbtack has assisted and guided consumers to locate and connect with wellness, and other, professionals.  It has been an honor to be of service with Reiki to several Thumbtack users.  Please view my Thumbtack profile and browse Thumbtack. http://www.thumbtack.com/ma/auburndale/reiki/reiki-healing-technique">Reiki

Other ways to learn about Brenner Reiki Healing:

On Facebook:  Brenner Reiki Healing


About Reiki


Reiki (pronounced RAY-kee) is a gentle practice that facilitates healing and personal growth; and promotes mindfulness and connection.  Reiki practice balances and heals the recipient's entire being on all levels--physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.  Reiki has no dogma, nor is it a religion.  Reiki complements any form of medical treatment.  Reiki is accessible and beneficial to people of all ages and backgrounds.

The practice of Reiki includes: hands-on healing of self and others for health and wellness; the contemplation of the Reiki Precepts which provide guidelines for spiritual growth and personal development; and meditations for cultivating our inner selves. 

To get a taste of the system of Reiki, I invite you to consider the Reiki Precepts:

The path of inviting happiness through many blessings, the spiritual medicine for all illness:

Just For Today...

Do Not Abide in Anger

Do Not Abide in Worry

Cultivate Gratitude

Work Honestly

Cultivate Compassion to All Living Things

--Mikao Usui (Founder of Usui System of Natural Healing)


What Can REIKI Do For You

Reiki helps the body's systems to recover their own natural state of balance and harmony.  By restoring balance and wellness to the body's systems, Reiki facilitates health and personal growth.  Recipients of Reiki report feeling an increased level of energy and vitality.  Many attest to the alleviation of stress and anxiety, improved sleep, and pain reduction with Reiki. On an emotional level, Reiki helps individuals connect to their inner selves allowing the recipient to feel less burdened and more relaxed.   Reiki supports the recipient in transforming negative emotional states, such as anger and impatience, into more positive and uplifting emotional states.  Reiki may benefit those of us seeking to manage our stress, become calmer and happier people, and be proactive rather than reactive in daily life.

Reiki treatments can help with any condition, whether in a physical or emotional way, since deep relaxation aligns body, mind, and spirit which promotes deep healing.

"Firstly, the mind must be healed, and secondly, the body must be made sound.  If the mind is healthy, conforming to a path of integrity, then the body becomes sturdy of its own accord." --Mikao Usui (Founder of Usui System of Natural Healing)

ELISE M. BRENNER, Ph.D., Reiki Practitioner andTeacher

Elise Brenner's Brenner Reiki Healing: Healing, Health, Harmony.  Empowering you on your journey to health and wellness.

Elise Brenner, Ph.D. is a Reiki Practitioner and Teacher, working with people of all ages who wish to benefit from Reiki for general wellness, stress reduction, and emotional healing, as well as for relief from specific physical conditions and pain.  Clients have come to Elise before and after surgery for help in alleviating anxiety, reducing pain, and enhancing healing.  Elise Brenner has provided treatments for individuals suffering from depression, insomnia, anxiety, fatigue, arthritis, sports-related injuries, headaches and migraines, vestibular disorders, fibromyalgia, sciatica, and side-effects from cancer treatments.  Clients may choose the option of distant healing sessions with Elise.  Brenner Reiki Healing offers Reiki trainings on a monthly basis and runs a low-cost Reiki Clinic the first Friday of each month from 7 - 9 pm.

Elise Brenner is trained to Master Teacher Level in Usui Shiki Reiki Ryoho, Shinpiden Level in Usui Reiki Ryoho, and is an Okuden Level Practitioner in the Jikiden Reiki system.  Brenner is a registered Reiki Practitioner and Teacher with the International Association of Reiki Professionals and with Shibumi International Reiki Association.  Her practice, Brenner Reiki Healing, is located in Newton, Massachusetts.  Elise Brenner has been a Reiki Volunteer in hospice care and at Brigham and Women's Hospital in addition to her own private practice, Reiki trainings, Reiki outreach, and monthly low-cost Reiki Clinic.  As an anthropologist, Elise Brenner has researched cross-cultural healing practices, thereby enriching the scope and depth of her own Reiki practice. 

Brenner Reiki Healing is conveniently located 15 minutes from downtown Boston, easily accessible by car or public transportation.  To schedule a private Reiki session, or to inquire about Reiki training and the Reiki Clinic, please call 617-244-8856, 617-733-4367, or email eliseb@rcn.com.  For ongoing discussion of all things Reiki please visit brennerreikihealing.blogspot.com.  If you are on Facebook, you are invited to "like" Brenner Reiki Healing. 

Upcoming Reiki Trainings

All Reiki trainings are held on Sundays 9:00am - 6:30pm.

If you, your family, or your organization wishes to schedule your Reiki training on another day and time, please contact Brenner Reiki Healing to work out the details together.  Thank you!

Reiki 2/Okuden     March 29, 2015

Reiki 1/Shoden     April 12, 2015

Reiki 1/Shoden     May 17, 2015

Reiki 2/Okuden    May 31, 2015

Reiki 1/Shoden    June 14, 2015

Reiki 1/Shoden    July 12, 2015

Reiki 2/Okuden    July 19, 2015

Reiki 1/Shoden    August 16, 2015

Reiki 2/Okuden    August 23, 2015

Reiki 1/Shoden    September 20, 2015

Reiki 2/Okuden    October 11, 2015

Reikii 1/Shoden    October 18, 2015

Reiki1/Shoden      November 15, 2015

Reiki 1/Shoden     December 13, 2015


All Classes 9:00 am - 6:30 pm

Investment for Reiki Level 1/Shoden:  $150

Investment for Reiki Level 2/Okuden:  $300

For specials and discounted training rates, please contact Elise Brenner directly.

Click on *REIKI TRAINING on the top menu for further information.

Special Note to Nurses: Reiki is an approved therapy by the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Nursing (9/10/1997).  Continuing Education contact hours are available for Reiki training and is a valuable way to fulfill the 15 contact hours needed every two years upon license renewal for nurses.  More than that, Reiki is a gift you give to yourself!  To receive your contact hours, simply let us know you need them when you register for your Reiki Training. Once you learn the practice of Reiki, you can take care of yourself, your patients, your family, your friends, and your pets,  Reiki is being provided in medical settings worldwide.

Special Note to Licensed Massage Therapists:  Elise Brenner of Brenner Reiki Healing is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a Continuing Education Approved Provider.  Provider Number 472.  8 CE credits for Reiki training classes.

Reiki Clinics

Reiki Clinics are held on the first Friday of every month from 7 - 9pm in the Newton office.   Note:  When the first Friday of the month falls on a holiday, the Clinic is held the following Friday (2nd Friday of the month)

March - August 2015 Reiki Clinic Schedule:   

Friday, March 6, 2015

Friday, April 10, 2015 (2nd Friday of the month)

Friday, May 1, 2015

Friday, June 5, 2015

Friday, July 3, 2015

Friday, August 7, 2015

Clinic appointment times: 7-7:30, 7:35-8:05, 8:10-8:40pm

*For more information on Reiki Clinics, please click on "Reiki Clinics" in the menu bar above.









I am grateful for discovering Reiki for its uplifting results in my own life, and in the lives of my family, friends, and clients.  I strongly believe that Reiki is a supportive and valuable healing practice for both physical and emotional well-being and healing.  Reiki can restore balance and harmony to all of the body's systems.  Those who use Reiki regularly often find they are more joyful and lively, as their own built-in healing capacity becomes enhanced by Reiki.  By dissolving existing conflicts and blockages, greater vitality is released.  Reiki empowers the recipient by reaching the deepest physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.  Moreover, the recipient takes an active part in the healing process by drawing in Reiki with life-enhancing results. I have found Reiki to be of tremendous benefit in both healing and in preventing illness.  On my own journey with Reiki, Reiki has alleviated physical conditions including back pain I had endured for years, as well as a vestibular disorder which had frequently interfered with my day-to-day quality of life.  On an emotional level, I am grateful to Reiki for facilitating shifts away from negative and destructive emotions, especially fear and worry, toward greater emotional equanimity with which to face life's inevitable ups and downs.

My wish is to empower you on your journey to health, wellness, and emotional equanimity.


"Thank you so much for a fantastic Reiki session! I felt so incredibly relaxed - the stresses of the day just melted off me. You were like a hushed presence that enveloped me in a very warm stillness. I was amazed at how hot your hands were!"

Thank you!~Rita

"I received Reiki treatments from Elise before and after two surgeries I required for a condition that negatively impacted my life as a ballet dancer.  Usually when people have the surgery I had, there is a lot of scar tissue which makes the surgery last hours longer than it would if there was no scar tissue.  My surgeries were very short, meaning there was not a lot of scar tissue.  I attribute that to the Reiki giving my body energy to help dissolve the scar tissue.  While receiving Reiki trratment in the pre-op room, I felt calm and prepared for the surgery.  The usual recovery time for the surgery is 4 - 6 weeks and I started dancing after only two weeks.  Usually it takes patients two weeks before they can walk, but it took me only two days.  I required a total of only two pain pills for the first two days, when most patients take them several times a day for a week or two.  In fact, I felt no pain at all post-surgery, and probably didn't need to take the pain pills at all.  My surgeon and physical therapist were so surprised by my rapid recovery time!" ~ Julia

"Elise Brenner is a natural Reiki practitioner.  Her ability to channel positive, healing energy has allowed me to focus on centering myself.  The sessions I've had with her have helped me get rid of negative influences on my health.  From the calming atmosphere she creates to the tenderness of her touch, a session with Elise is the ideal reiki experience." ~ Kat 

"Thank you so very much for the opportunity to try Reiki. It was an awesome experience. I could feel energy and heat radiating through my head, shoulders and a tingly electrifying feeling. At the same time I felt relaxed and stress just left my body. When you held the neck/head, it was so wonderful, like my head was all a tingle!!   Your home is so peaceful and welcoming feeling and it was so nice to meet you and the helpers…you all just radiated peace and tranquility."~Reiki Clinic Client

"Thank you very very much for a beautiful experience. Sunday was truly inspiring, so heartfelt and fulfilling. 

I loved your teaching methods, and how you structured the day - your stories of personal experiences, your honest beliefs, your journey, your knowledge... how you shared everything was just perfect. I learned a lot. I felt centered. Grounded. Supported. It was a truly incredible experience and one that I will cherish forever. 

In fact, the last two mornings I have woken up reciting the Reiki precepts - what an incredible way to welcome a new day!!

 I will keep in touch and truly appreciate your mentorship and support. You've added bright colors to my Reiki landscape and for that I am grateful. 

In fact - I am coming to the Reiki Conference next month - And hope to participate in the clinic in May! Also, please keep me updated on the next Reiki Mentoring Group get together."

Thank you once again. 

Sending you love and light,~Reiki Level 2 Student

"After having taken Reiki Classes (both level 1 and 2) with Brenner Reiki Healing, I feel I have something I can offer to people.  A lot of compassion has been brought out in me, especially when I am offering Reiki.  Reiki has also helped me with fear and anxiety."  ~Lindsey